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Tommy’s Bar and Grille

Angelina's Pizza House

Serving Akron Pizza since 1956


Don’t Settle for Less

We use the absolute highest quality ingredients in our pizza! Don't settle for less with any other pizza maker! Try us you'll know the difference right away! Come enjoy a casual atmosphere in our bar and dining room. Our comfortable atmosphere and professional staff makes for a worthwhile visit

Opens 5:00 pm | Closed Sunday & Monday

Tommy’s Bar and Grille


The name Tommy’s Bar & Grille pays homage to my father, Tommaso DiLullo. He was a first generation immigrant from Italy and came over with his three brothers. In 1946 he opened our family’s bar “Tommy’s Forest Hill Cafe”. 

At 11 years old In 1949, I could see that there was a need for some food in the bar, so with my mother, Angelina, we started making pizza, and I have continued making pizza in the same way for the past 70+ years